Swallowtail Farm And Creamery

A small family farm and creamery in North Whitefield, Maine



Swallowtail farm yogurt

Our organic Jersey Cow’s milk old-fashioned yogurt has a thick cream top and comes in a glass quart jar.

Our yogurt comes in American Cheese Society award-winning Plain, Maine Maple, Maine Blueberry, and Unsweetened Vanilla.

Greek Style

Strained thick and creamy with extra cultures and a little tang.

Our regular flavors besides Plain are Blueberry, our American Cheese Society award-winning Caramel Sea Salt, Bumbleberry, and Vanilla Bean,  plus seasonal specialties.

Icelandic Style – Skyr

Thick and creamy with added vegetable rennet, Iceland’s everyday health food staple. Also considered a cheese due to added rennet.

Comes in our Sparrow Line:

  • Carrot Verbena – a lemony carrot flavor with Maine carrots, lemon verbena and maple syrup
  • Vanilla Oats – Maine toasted oats, vanilla and a touch of maple syrup
  • Special Seasonal Flavors – Cannoli Cream and Strawberry Cheesecake
  • Beetberry

Yummy YoGo Smoothies

Our yogurt smoothies in a 12 oz. grab & go bottle that’s perfect for coffee shops and cafés.

Regular flavors include Blueberry, Bumbleberry and Strawberry Sweetie.


Dairy Products

Ricotta Salata

A fresh, milky, salty, firm 5 or 6 lb. wheel of dry salted pressed ricotta.

Ricotta Chinata

Ricotta with a smoked paprika-rubbed rind.

Fresh Ricotta

Creamy, milky, sweet, and spreadable.

IMG_6147-250pxRicotta Al Forno

A 1lb. round glazed with raw local honey and fired in the oven.

Fresh Mozzarella

Milky sweet – best used within a few days.


Creamy, salty Jersey Cow’s milk version of feta.

Bel Paese

An Italian farm cheese – creamy, buttery, semi-firm in 5 or 6 lb. wheels.


Ebb Tide

Our Bel Paese with Maine dulse and kelp running mid-lined through the wheel.


Our soft, creamy cow’s milk version of a chévre, Plain or seasonally flavored.


Our rustic version of this Italian-style farm house cheese, naturally cultured with the cultures present on our farm. Soft, creamy, clean, sweet, and fruity tasting ranging from soft to runny with ripeness.

Bonnie Bairn

Our version of a bloomy rind style of Camembert. Creamy paste, runny along the rind.

Bonnie Brie

Our brie sized wheel of the Bairn.

Royal Blue

Our blue version of ricotta salata


Our effervescent, slightly tangy and lively beverage. Delicious with over 15 active cultures and incubated over 24 hours to decrease its lactose content.

Our kefir is thick, creamy, and can be eaten with a spoon or shaken up to break the curd and consumed as your everyday beverage.

Comes in Plain, Maine Blueberry, Maine Ginger, Maine Turmeric, Vanilla (unsweetened), Maine Maple, or Caramel Sea Salt in glass quart jars.

Also comes in 16 oz. grab & go plastic bottles in above flavors as well as seasonal flavors.

Other Products

IMG_6083-250pxHerbal products

Schedule your consultation with Lauren, a traditional herbalist with 20 years experience. Herbal products include Green goddess herbally infused face creme thickened with beeswax and salves.

Fresh jams

Old fashioned herbal soaps